Drywall Service in Brighton

Combs Drywall, Inc. has been committed to the service of fellow Brighton residents since our establishment over 25 years ago. Our locally operated and locally owned drywall service prioritizes your trust, so we hold full licensing, bonding, and insurance. With a relentless dedication to quality, we hand-select the most experienced, proficient, and dependable drywall contractors to ensure that every customer receives unparalleled service. Embrace our free, no-obligation, transparent estimates, which equip you with the tools and information you need to efficiently plan and budget for your drywall project. Connect with Combs Drywall now and witness the exceptional level of precision and skill that have made us a respected name in Brighton!

Drywall Services

All About the Drywall Process

Drawing upon years of hands-on experience, our skilled drywall contractors in Brighton have encountered and managed every conceivable scenario with proficiency. As inquiries about the specifics of drywalling and the journey towards attaining a striking, professional finish are common among our customers, we’ve offered an outline of our process below.


The drywall pros on our team insist on employing only the finest materials for each task. For drywall installation, our preference lies with premium gypsum drywall sheets because they’re celebrated for their exceptional strength and flexibility. These sheets, with thickness options ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, lay the groundwork for achieving a flawless finish. We carefully tailor our thickness selection to match the unique specifications of each project, ensuring superior performance and structural integrity. To secure drywall sheets to the framing with precision and stability, we utilize premium drywall screws that promise a secure and long-lasting installation.

Joint Compound

Joint compound is a vital element in drywall finishing. Thoughtfully applied to seams and fastener heads, it yields a uniform and flawless finish. Our artisans adeptly apply multiple layers, meticulously smoothing and blending each to ensure perfection.

Hanging Drywall

Drywall sheets typically come in 4-foot widths and are available in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet. Beginning from the uppermost point of the wall and progressing downward, we meticulously handle and systematically install the drywall in a horizontal fashion, ensuring precise alignment and positioning.

Taping and Mudding

Once the drywall sheets have been professionally installed, our adept team meticulously conceals screw indentations and joints using precision-cut joint tape to achieve a seamless transition between each panel. We then apply several layers of top-quality joint compound, diligently smoothing and blending each layer. This detailed process enhances the drywall’s structural integrity and yields a perfectly smooth surface that’s well-prepared for painting or applying texture.

Sanding and Finishing

After the joint compound has dried, we will get to work sanding the surface to perfection. Our commitment to precision ensures that every inch is smoothed to perfection, creating the uniformity and beauty our customers expect. With sanding and finishing finalized, the drywall is poised for its final touches.

Drywall Texturing

Applying drywall texturing is a fantastic method for enlivening ceilings or walls with dimension and individuality, but it demands careful craftsmanship for an eye-catching and sophisticated result. Prior to starting the drywall texturing project, we’ll emphasize open communication with the client to understand their goals, design preferences, and desired results. Armed with this understanding, we’ll intricately plan every detail, from handpicking the necessary supplies to implementing methods that will ensure the project’s success. Immerse yourself in a realm of infinite options with our skill in producing diverse finishes and patterns, from subtle textures to dramatic designs – the options are endless! With our experienced artisans mastering various texturing techniques, your project will be in the most capable hands.

Drywall Hanging

At the heart of every drywall installation lies the precise skill of drywall hanging, which is a pivotal phase in your renovation or construction project wherein drywall sheets are meticulously attached to the structural framework. These sheets serve as the foundation for your walls and ceilings, necessitating considerable proficiency in handling, meticulous placement, and a sharp eye for detail to ensure precise alignment, secure attachment, and a gorgeous end result.

New Construction Drywall

When you’re seeking a drywall contractor for your drywall construction project, make it a priority to select one with a wealth of invaluable experience. Rest assured, our drywall company is dedicated to providing meticulous attention to detail, unfaltering dependability, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding quality as we ensure that each step of your new construction project exceeds our own incredibly high standards. From meticulous measurements to flawless installations and beyond, our dedication to perfection will be obvious from day one.

Drywall Finishing

As the most trusted drywall contractor in Brighton, we understand the critical role that drywall finishing plays in delivering a polished and professional end result for our loyal customers. We are thrilled to handle a diverse array of projects, including customized designs, residential renovations, commercial endeavors, and more. Get set to be impressed by our extraordinary outcomes that go above and beyond, transforming your drywall into a mesmerizing canvas ready for paint or texture.

Drywall Repair

In need of drywall repair in Brighton? Your priority should be to connect with a skilled artisan who prioritizes maintaining the integrity and appearance of your walls. Drywall repair encompasses tasks like fixing holes, dents, water damage, cracks, and other imperfections. Our Brighton drywall repair pros will begin the process by gauging the severity of the damage and devising a tailored strategy for the necessary repairs. This might involve the removal of damaged areas, utilization of a drywall patch to mend holes or significant dents, precise blending of repairs for a flawless outcome, and additional techniques as required. Whether you need a simple touch-up or a comprehensive overhaul, Combs Drywall commits to handling every task with precision and an unwavering dedication to every detail.

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