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Since our establishment over 25 years ago, Combs Drywall Inc. has remained steadfast in our mission to serve the people of Westland. Our locally owned, locally operated drywall service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our exceptional drywall contractors are known for their unrivaled expertise, professionalism, and integrity because they uphold our commitment to providing unmatched service to every customer. Harness the power of our complimentary, fully transparent estimates, which allow you to seamlessly plan and budget for your drywall project. Don’t hesitate to contact Combs Drywall today and experience firsthand the mastery and precision that have made us a household name throughout the Westland area!

Drywall Services

All About the Drywall Process

With years of expertise guiding us, our experienced drywall contractors in Westland have encountered and triumphed over every challenge. In response to the common inquiries from our valued patrons about the finer points of drywalling and our methods for delivering a flawless, sophisticated finish, we’ve outlined our process below.


At the heart of our approach is a dedication to quality craftsmanship and superior materials. In our installations, we choose only premium gypsum drywall sheets, which are recognized for their resilience and adaptability. Available in a range of thicknesses from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, these sheets lay an impeccable foundation for your project. We meticulously analyze the specific requirements of each project to determine the ideal thickness, guaranteeing maximum performance and structural integrity. We enhance stability and precision by utilizing top-tier drywall screws to fasten drywall sheets securely to the framing.

Joint Compound

Central to the art of drywall finishing, joint compound is meticulously used to cover fastener heads and seams. It contributes to a seamless and consistent finish. Our craftsmen meticulously layer multiple coats and ensure that each is meticulously smoothed and blended to achieve a flawless result.

Hanging Drywall

Drywall sheets are usually 4 feet in width and are available in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet. We initiate the process from the wall’s highest point, proceeding downward and hanging the sheets horizontally with meticulous care for proper placement and alignment.

Taping and Mudding

After expertly hanging drywall sheets, our skilled professionals cover joints and screw indentations with precision-cut joint tape to create a seamless transition between each sheet. We then apply multiple layers of premium joint compound, meticulously smoothing and blending each layer. This tedious process strengthens the drywall’s structure and creates a flawlessly smooth surface, ready for painting or texture application.

Sanding and Finishing

After the joint compound has fully dried, we begin the meticulous process of sanding. The only way to achieve our clients’ desired uniform, smooth, and attractive surface is by sanding diligently. With sanding and finishing accomplished, the drywall eagerly awaits its finishing touches.

Drywall Finishing

Acknowledged as the premier drywall contractor in Westland, we recognize the crucial role of drywall finishing in establishing a professional and polished finish for our esteemed clientele. We are excited to embrace any task, from custom designs to residential remodeling, commercial projects and beyond. Prepare to be amazed as our extraordinary results go beyond your wildest imaginations, turning your drywall into an exquisite canvas awaiting the perfect paint or texture.

Drywall Hanging

The tedious task of drywall hanging is an essential component in every drywall installation. This is an important stage in every construction or renovation project since it entails precisely installing drywall sheets onto the structure’s framing. These sheets will eventually serve as the foundation for your ceilings and walls, which means secure attachment, accurate alignment, and a flawless completed product necessitate a high level of handling expertise, exact positioning, and an acute eye for detail.

New Construction Drywall

When you’re choosing a drywall contractor for your drywall construction project, place utmost importance on finding one with a wealth of invaluable experience. Steadily moving through the construction phases, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with unmatched craftsmanship, dependability, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional quality as our unwavering focus. With precision in measuring, seamless execution in installation, and beyond, our commitment to excellence will be evident every step of the way.

Drywall Repair

If you’re in need of drywall repair in Westland, prioritize finding a skilled contractor who understands the importance of maintaining your walls’ integrity and appearance. From addressing holes and water damage to dents, cracks, and various other imperfections, drywall repair plays a vital role in maintaining your space as a whole. Our skilled team of Westland drywall repair experts will begin by assessing the severity of the damage and selecting the most suitable plan of action for restoration. This could entail precise excision of damaged segments, expert application of a drywall patch to mend holes or noticeable dents, meticulous blending of repairs for a flawless outcome, and other specialized techniques. Whether you require a simple repair or a complete restoration, Combs Drywall guarantees to approach each project with great care and precision.

Drywall Texturing

Drywall texturing is a creative approach to giving walls or ceilings dimension and beauty, but precise execution is required to achieve a genuinely appealing and trend-forward finish. Before starting the drywall texturing project, we’ll engage in extensive consultations with the client to discern their goals, style preferences, and anticipated outcomes. Next, we’ll meticulously outline every element, carefully choosing the specific supplies and methods that will elevate the project most. Discover limitless potential with our ability to produce an assortment of patterns and finishes, ranging from subtle textures to bold designs. With our artisans’ expertise in all texturing techniques, your vision will come to life seamlessly.

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