Drywall Service in South Lyon

Since our establishment more than 25 years ago, Combs Drywall Inc. has remained committed to improving the lives and properties of South Lyon residents. Our drywall service is owned and operated by members of your community, and we guarantee peace of mind through comprehensive licensing, insurance, and bonding. Driven by our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we hire only the most seasoned, professional, and trustworthy drywall contractors to ensure that our customers always receive top-tier service. Seamlessly integrating transparency into our process, we offer free, clear quotes that help you budget and plan wisely for your drywall project. Give Combs Drywall a call now and relax as we take care of your drywall needs with the unmatched expertise and attention to detail that have established us as a household name within the South Lyon region!

Drywall Services

All About the Drywall Process

Drawing from decades of collective expertise, our seasoned drywall contractors in South Lyon have faced every challenge with confidence. Given the frequent questions from our clients regarding the nuances of drywalling and the roadmap to achieving a beautiful, professional result, we’ve provided a brief overview of our approach below.


Demonstrating our commitment to excellence, our drywall professionals prioritize the use of high-quality materials. When it comes to drywall installation, we rely on premium gypsum drywall sheets renowned for their unrivaled durability and adaptability. With thickness variations ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, these sheets lay the groundwork for a pristine finish. Our meticulous approach involves handpicking the most suitable thickness for each project to ensure both structural resilience and peak performance. We rely on premium drywall screws to achieve exact, lasting attachment of drywall sheets onto the framing for a secure and durable installation.

Joint Compound

An essential element in drywall finishing, joint compound is skillfully utilized to conceal fastener heads and seams. Our expert craftsmen skillfully apply multiple layers, painstakingly smoothing and blending each one to achieve a seamless and impeccable look.

Hanging Drywall

Typically, drywall sheets are 4 feet wide and are offered in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet. Starting from the top of the wall and progressing downward, we handle and install the drywall horizontally, ensuring exact placement and alignment at every turn.

Taping and Mudding

After the skilled installation of drywall sheets, our experienced team carefully covers joints and screw indentations with expertly cut joint tape to ensure a seamless transition between each sheet. We then apply multiple layers of premium joint compound, meticulously smoothing and blending each layer. This detailed process enhances the drywall’s structural integrity and yields a perfectly smooth surface, ideal for painting or applying texture.

Sanding and Finishing

Once the joint compound finishes drying, we’ll sand the surface to perfection. The only way to achieve our clients’ desired uniform, smooth, and attractive surface is by sanding diligently. After sanding and finishing, the drywall is ready for the final touches.

Drywall Hanging

Central to each drywall installation is the demanding practice of drywall hanging, which is a key component. This critical stage within construction or renovation projects necessitates the meticulous installation of drywall sheets onto the framework of the structure. These panels create a foundation for your walls and ceilings, calling for extensive proficiency in handling, precise placement, and ample attention to detail to achieve precise alignment, secure attachment, and a flawless finished product.

Drywall Finishing

Regarded as the leading drywall contractor in South Lyon, we appreciate the essential role that drywall finishing plays in delivering a high-end, polished finished product to our esteemed clients. We are prepared to tackle any challenge, whether it be intricate designs, commercial endeavors, residential transformations, and beyond. Brace yourself for awe-inspiring results as our phenomenal work goes beyond your expectations, turning your drywall into a captivating canvas perfect for texture or painting.

Drywall Texturing

Drywall texturing is an excellent technique to add depth and style to walls or ceilings, but it must be done properly for a beautiful and professional result. In preparation for a drywall texturing project, we prioritize client discussions to gain insight into their expectations, aesthetics, and aspirations. Armed with this information, we meticulously craft a plan, carefully choosing materials and techniques to ensure the project exceeds expectations. Explore boundless creativity as we offer the expertise to craft any finish or pattern, from understated textures to striking designs – the possibilities are limitless! Because our talented artisans are skilled in a multitude of texturing techniques, you can count on our team to realize your vision with precision.

Drywall Repair

Seeking drywall repair in South Lyon? It’s crucial to hire a skilled specialist who comprehends the necessity of upholding your walls’ integrity and beauty. Drywall repair is an essential service that addresses damage, including holes, water damage, dents, cracks, and other drywall imperfections. Our trained South Lyon drywall repair experts will begin by assessing the degree of the damage and choosing the best action plan for the repairs. This could entail the removal of damaged areas, utilization of a drywall patch to mend holes or substantial dents, precise blending of repairs to ensure a smooth finish, and other pertinent measures. Be it a minor touch-up or a substantial renovation, Combs Drywall pledges to complete every task with precision and a steadfast commitment to detail.

New Construction Drywall

When you’re searching for the finest drywall contractor, insist on settling for nothing less than the most experienced and capable individual to lead your drywall construction project. We move through each phase of the construction process with a focus on upholding our own high standards, making dependability, attention to detail, exceptional quality, and superior craftsmanship our top priorities. With meticulous attention to detail in measurement, seamless execution of installation, and beyond, our relentless pursuit of excellence will be clear in every detail.

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