Drywall Service in Romulus

Combs Drywall, Inc. has been honored to provide drywall services to our neighbors and friends in the Romulus area for over 25 years. With deep roots in our community, our drywall service is locally owned and operated, and we hold full insurance, licensing, and bonding for your peace of mind. Our drywall contractors are the most knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy individuals you’ll ever meet because we are committed to providing exceptional service to each customer. Embrace our free, no-obligation, transparent estimates, which equip you with the tools and information you need to efficiently plan and budget for your drywall project. Give Combs Drywall a call now and relax as we take care of your drywall needs with the unmatched expertise and attention to detail that have established us as a household name within the Romulus region!

Drywall Services

All About the Drywall Process

Leveraging decades of experience, our seasoned drywall contractors in Romulus stand as emblems of skill and proficiency in the field. Given the frequent questions from our clients regarding the nuances of drywalling and the roadmap to achieving a beautiful, professional result, we’ve provided a brief overview of our approach below.


Focused on delivering exceptional results, our drywall professionals insist on using top-of-the-line materials. In our installations, we opt for premium gypsum drywall sheets since they’re celebrated for their resilience and adaptability. Offering a diverse array of thickness options ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, these sheets serve as the ideal canvas for achieving a flawless outcome. Our meticulous approach involves handpicking the most suitable thickness for each project to ensure both structural resilience and peak performance. For the precise and dependable attachment of drywall sheets to the framing, we choose top-of-the-line drywall screws that ensure a secure and enduring installation.

Joint Compound

In the world of drywall finishing, joint compound is a fundamental component. It is precisely applied to seams and fastener heads, resulting in a uniform and smooth finish. Our experts adeptly apply numerous layers, ensuring meticulous smoothing and blending for a flawless outcome.

Hanging Drywall

With a standard width of 4 feet and varying lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet, drywall sheets are meticulously handled and hung in a horizontal manner. Starting from the top of the wall and descending, we prioritize careful placement and alignment at every step.

Taping and Mudding

Once the drywall sheets have been professionally installed, our adept team meticulously conceals screw indentations and joints using precision-cut joint tape to achieve a seamless transition between each panel. After this, we carefully apply multiple layers of high-grade joint compound, diligently smoothing and blending each application. This comprehensive approach enhances the drywall’s durability and yields a flawlessly smooth surface that is primed for texture or paint application.

Sanding and Finishing

As soon as the joint compound completes its drying process, we move on to carefully sanding the surface until it reaches perfection. This step is essential for achieving the desired smoothness, uniformity, and aesthetic appeal. Our dedication to perfection guarantees that every area is meticulously sanded, paving the way for the final touches.

New Construction Drywall

As you navigate the process of selecting a drywall contractor for your drywall construction project, prioritize finding the one with the most significant experience. At our drywall company, we commit to delivering superior craftsmanship, unwavering dependability, exceptional quality, and meticulous attention to detail as we go above and beyond to surpass our own exceedingly high standards throughout your new construction project. From precise measurements to impeccable installations and beyond, our unwavering dedication to excellence will shine through in every aspect of the project.

Drywall Finishing

Trusted as the leading drywall contractor in Romulus, we understand the significance of drywall finishing in creating a professional and refined appearance for our dedicated customers. We are excited to embrace any task, from custom designs to residential remodeling, commercial projects and beyond. Get ready to be dazzled by our exceptional work that exceeds all expectations, transforming your drywall into an impressive canvas suitable for texture or painting.

Drywall Texturing

Drywall texturing is an effective way to add texture and charm to walls or ceilings, as long as it is done correctly for an appealing and luxurious appearance. Before diving into any drywall texturing job, we conduct thorough discussions with our clients to grasp their expectations, tastes, and objectives. Then, we’ll intricately plan each detail, carefully select the specific supplies that will yield the best outcome, and choose techniques that will further elevate the project’s impact. Explore endless potential with our capacity to produce an array of finishes and patterns, spanning from gentle textures to bold designs. The options are infinite! Because our talented artisans are skilled in a multitude of texturing techniques, you can count on our team to realize your vision with precision.

Drywall Repair

Seeking the best drywall repair in Romulus? Your focus should be on connecting with a skilled artisan who understands the importance of maintaining both the structural integrity and visual appeal of your walls. Drywall repair is an undeniably essential service, addressing a spectrum of issues including holes, dents, water damage, cracks, and other imperfections. Our skilled Romulus drywall repair technicians will kick off the process by meticulously assessing the extent of the damage and devising a customized approach for repairs. This might entail precise removal of damaged sections, skillful application of a drywall patch to fix holes or dents, meticulous blending of repairs to achieve a seamless result, and various other techniques, as needed. Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete overhaul, Combs Drywall promises to undertake each project with great care and precision.

Drywall Hanging

Central to each drywall installation is the demanding practice of drywall hanging, which is a key component. This vital stage within construction or renovation projects entails the precise attachment of drywall sheets onto the structural framework. Given that these sheets will serve as the groundwork for your ceilings and walls, achieving a flawless end result calls for a high level of expertise in handling, exact placement, and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee secure attachment, ensure accurate alignment, and deliver impeccable results.

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