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Combs Drywall Inc. has been synonymous with service excellence in Taylor since we opened for business over 25 years ago. Rooted in our community, our locally run and locally owned drywall service validates your trust with complete bonding, insurance, and licensing. Driven by our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we hire only the most seasoned, professional, and trustworthy drywall contractors to ensure that our customers always receive top-tier service. We provide transparent, complimentary quotes that give you the freedom to budget and plan for your drywall project according to your vision and budget. Reach out to Combs Drywall without delay and let us demonstrate the unmatched level of precision and expertise that have earned our top-tier reputation in Taylor!

Drywall Services

All About the Drywall Process

With years of expertise guiding us, our trusted drywall contractors in Taylor have amassed a wealth of experience, having tackled an array of projects with ease. Since our customers often ask questions about the details of drywalling and our methods for achieving a pristine, professional finish, we’ve outlined our process below for greater clarity.


Striving for excellence in every endeavor, our drywall experts insist on using nothing but the finest materials. For our installations, we opt for quality gypsum drywall sheets because they are prized for their resilience and adaptability. Spanning from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch in thickness, these sheets serve as the cornerstone for achieving flawless outcomes. Our meticulous approach involves carefully matching the thickness to the specific needs of each project, resulting in unmatched structural integrity and operational performance. Stability and precision are guaranteed through the use of top-quality drywall screws to secure drywall sheets to the framing.

Joint Compound

An essential element in drywall finishing, joint compound is skillfully utilized to conceal fastener heads and seams. Our experienced team meticulously applies multiple layers, meticulously smoothing and blending each one to ensure a flawless and refined finish.

Hanging Drywall

With a standard width of 4 feet and lengths varying from 8 to 12 feet, drywall sheets are meticulously handled and hung horizontally. Our process initiates from the top of the wall, proceeding downward with a focus on precise placement and alignment.

Taping and Mudding

Once the drywall sheets are professionally installed, our skilled crew addresses screw indentations and joints using precision-cut joint tape to create a seamless transition between sheets. Next, we apply multiple layers of high-quality joint compound, smoothing and blending each layer. This thoughtful approach not only strengthens the drywall’s structure, but also delivers a flawlessly smooth surface that’s primed for painting or texture application.

Sanding and Finishing

Once the joint compound has fully set, we embark on the task of sanding to achieve a flawless surface. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, we diligently sand every inch of the surface until it meets our high standards. With careful attention to detail, we diligently sand every surface to perfection to prepare the drywall for its final touches.

Drywall Finishing

As the foremost drywall contractor in Taylor, we acknowledge the indispensable role that drywall finishing plays in delivering a polished and distinguished product to our valued clients. We are thrilled to undertake any task you have in mind, spanning from custom designs to residential remodeling to commercial ventures and beyond. Prepare to be astounded as our remarkable results surpass your expectations, transforming your drywall into an exquisite canvas that’s ready for texture or painting.

Drywall Texturing

Drywall texturing is a smart approach to enriching walls or ceilings with texture and allure – as long as the job is done well for a beautiful and upscale appearance. Prior to starting a drywall texturing project, we’ll have a full consultation with our clients to understand their visions, preferences, and goals. Next, we’ll meticulously outline every element, carefully choosing the specific supplies and methods that will elevate the project most. Immerse yourself in a realm of infinite options with our skill in producing diverse finishes and patterns, from subtle textures to dramatic designs – the options are endless! The options are infinite! Rely on our adept artisans for unparalleled craftsmanship because they’re proficient in every texturing technique you can dream up.

New Construction Drywall

As you start your search for a drywall contractor, prioritize enlisting the expertise of the most qualified and proficient individual to manage your drywall construction project. Through each step of the construction process, we uphold our stringent standards by ensuring that meticulous attention to detail, dependability, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional quality remain our foremost priorities. With meticulous measuring, flawless installation, and beyond, our pursuit of excellence will be crystal clear in each detail.

Drywall Hanging

At the core of each drywall installation lies the intricate art of drywall hanging – a pivotal stage in your renovation or construction job where drywall sheets are precisely attached to the home or building’s framework. With these sheets destined to be the foundation of your ceilings and walls, achieving a stunning finished product calls for skilled handling, precise positioning, and acute attention to detail to guarantee secure attachment, ensure accurate alignment, and achieve flawless results.

Drywall Repair

When you’re faced with the need for drywall repair in Taylor, prioritize enlisting the help of a qualified contractor who values the maintenance of your walls’ structural integrity and visual appeal. Drywall repair is an indispensable service that rectifies a range of issues such as cracks, holes, dents, water damage, and many other flaws. Our skilled team of Taylor drywall repair technicians will kickstart the process by meticulously assessing the damage’s extent and charting out the most effective approach for resolution. This could entail precise removal of damaged sections, expert application of a drywall patch to mend holes or substantial dents, seamlessly blending repairs for a sleek finish, and other professional techniques. From minor repairs to extensive restorations, Combs Drywall vows to tackle each project with meticulous care and precision.

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